Hello from Kelly Walsh (this is my site - thanks so much for stopping by)! 

Welcome! This site contains about 100 posts I wrote between 2013 and 2016. I am so grateful for the thousands of readers who visit each month (we averaged nearly 10,000 unique visitors a month in 2016!). I hope the articles have been very helpful as you explore, or expand on, your flipped learning practice.

After 5 years of advocating for flipped learning and later starting this site, where I hosted blog posts and online workshops, I was honored in the summer of 2016 to accept the role of Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network. As a result, I will not be adding much new here, but instead I am focusing my flipped learning advocacy work through the "FLN".

The Flipped Learning Network is the original non-profit online community for educators utilizing or interested in learning more about the flipped classroom and flipped learning practices. Initiated in 2012 by widely recognized pioneers including Jon Bergmann, Aaron Sams, April Gudenrath, Kristin Daniels,Troy Cockrum, Brian Bennett and others, the FLN revised its mission in 2016 to focus more directly on being the online hub where educators across the world can share and access resources, tips, tools, and more.

I’ll leave this site here up for the foreseeable future, but I certainly encourage readers to come on over the flippedlearning.org and see what we have going on, including:

So as you can see, we’re working hard to be a world class hub for all things flipped! Please stop by and have a look.